Storast Pack

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Enjoy GUYS!


7 Color Lightroom presets
1 Bw Lightroom preset

Please read the following information carefully, especially if this is your first time purchasing or using a Lightroom preset:

The presets will provide you with an incredible foundation for generating a cohesive aesthetic and applying it to your images. However, since each photo is influenced by different shooting conditions {lighting, location, light tint, and photography equipment}, you may need to change the presets by using the editing indicators.

  • The presets are suitable for editing RAW.
  • Due to the digital character of the product, there will be no refunds or exchanges after the purchase is made.
  • Unauthorized distribution of the product is prohibited and will result in legal action.

24.99 $

Storast Pack



STORAST is a package of Presets based on photographing wedding in every light.
Every preset fit for different light during the day.

A versatile collection perfect for those who want to add warm, Brownie & rich hues of colors to their images.

It is important to increase and decrease the contrast according to the image you took and to change the WB.
Very important to try every preset with Enable Profile Corrections and choose what do you like.


After 10 years in the field of weddings, I built a set of presets that can also be used with you to bounce your wedding photos to the next level.

10 reviews for Storast Pack

  1. Josie C.

    Love the Storast Presets. Amazing for portraits and wedding photographers!
    Totally Enhanced the quality of my photos to the next level.
    Thank you!

  2. Jim Z.

    I have bought tons of presets in my life. Thats my favorite pack ever I swear!

  3. Ben T.

    love the way the photos looks with my Storast Presets!

  4. Julia K.

    I Love those filterssss!!!!!!!!!! THNX!!!!!

  5. Ahmed T.

    Amazing presets for lightroom totally give an amazing look to my photos. LOVE IT!

  6. Hanan E.

    Probably the best pack ever!

  7. Rob R.

    I bought Dor Presets pack 2 years ago and just waiting for his next presets collection, Love those presets!

  8. Maayan G.

    Thank you so much

  9. Sam T.

    Thank you

  10. Jack T.

    This filters are crazyyyyy in every way and make my photos look so good!

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