You feel your hotel really great, but all the visuals of your social media pretty bad!

That’s why I’m here.

The right photographs can be the best friend of your digital marketing efforts,
make your accommodation stand out from the crowd,
from the hotel rooms,
the restaurant to the architectural details.
Boost your booking conversion rate and increase loyalty with professional hotel photography.

Everything should be seen at the highest level possible for your customers.

Every detail.

Engage your customer with the best experience you have to offer so that he can share his journey in your hotel!

Expedia study finds that quality photos boost OTA sales, and also the findings indicate that imagery is a powerful tool that can provoke emotion and potentially influence travel research decisions.
The importance of good hotel visuals according to a Trivago Webinar says that 65% of people learn by observation which means that costumes are very visual and profiles with high-quality photos have 77% more clicks.

We are in an era where every Hotel, Resort or Real State Property is online, which means that to be on top of search results the PPC (pay per click) is getting more and more expensive.Good hotel photography plays a big part in keeping your digital presence interesting.

Every Hotel on 2022 need an amazing videos, photos and good content to share with the future costumers.
To give them the feel this is the right place for them.

I will give your customers the opportunity to know and understand who the people behind the creation of the hotel.

Luxury Professional Portraits.

Together, we will take photos for the breakfast that you serve in an attractive and Instagram-like way.
Attractive images that will bring the audience to you.

We will focus on the details of the hotel.
I gave people the opportunity to look at the pictures and be impressed by your thinking about every detail through the visual I produce for you.

The dishes and the bar of your hotel restaurant should be photographed in a professional and stimulating way.

How It Works?
I come to your hotel and stay for a few days. (4-10 Nights)
Together we plan a schedule and we will understand together what we are going to photograph and document and create for you amazing photos & Videos that will be used by you for your website, social media and everything that comes to your mind.

Why should I do that?
This is our lifestyle.
As a photographer and blogger I travel the world with my family (my wife and my little daughter).
We are hosted and spend time in amazing places and in return photograph and document unforgettable moments and photos from the places where we are hosted.

During our stay, an entire day from morning to evening will be dedicated to your hotel –
This is usually 6-7 hours of photography and 7-10 days of editing in total.
We can discuss about all the full details.

What materials will you get?
Above all,
We negotiate details in my direct mail.
On quantities of images, cinematic videos and more-
But for sure you will get more than 120 edited photos and professional video of 25-60 Seconds.

I take my job very seriously and with the maximum professionalism.

The investment:
What that I am asking for from the places where we are staying, these are ancillary expenses (flights or rented car-Taxi).
and a token amount for the work,
nothing more than that.


My work does not end here,
When also in the next days when I stay in your place I photograph additional moments in the hotel and from all the surroundings of the city where the hotel is located.
Photos and videos that can be used in so many ways!

Today I have 20,000 followers and members in total on social networks who will also be exposed to the content that I am photographing for you.
Beyond the professional photography from the camera, I document through the iPhone moments in the story on Instagram/Facebook when I tag the hotel in them.

Feel free to talk and discuss with me any other issue and we will come together to understand how the work can be done together with you!

How do we proceed from here?
You are writing me an email directly to: DorSassonPhotography@Gmail.com

In it you indicate the name of the hotel, country, your full name and the position in the hotel.
It is advisable to attach any social network so that I can be impressed by the existing materials.

Ready to create a new story for your hotel?